Seeding Criteria


For our staff to effectively seed the tournament, you must enter the correct record, criteria values, and seeding category for each wrestler in your lineup.

Wrestlers will earn their seeds based off the following criteria.

  1. State Place in 2019
  2. State Qualifier in 2019
  3. Eau Claire North Husky Invite Place in 2018
  4. Has had 3 match(es) towards Record
  5. Record winning percentage
  6. Record wins

Total VARSITY wins LAST season. *This information will be used by the seeding committee for additional consideration/tie breaking purposes only.

This tournament also uses head to head competition to seed wrestlers. The wrestlers will first be placed in order using the seeding criteria above, then any wrestler that has beaten a wrestler within 1 slot(s) above him and has not lost to any wrestler below the wrestler will get moved ahead of the wrestler he/she beat. If a wrestler has beaten a wrestler but lost to another wrestler below the wrestler, he/she beat, that wrestler will not be moved.