Eric Mosel




The Eric Mosel Memorial Scholarship was established by the Mosel Family in memory of Eric Donald Mosel, North High School Class of 1995 wrestling team captain. After each competition—whether it was one of his frequent victories or rare defeats—Eric took the credit or the blame gracefully, and every opponent he faced received a big smile and a friendly handshake. The qualities that served Eric well as a wrestler were also reflected in his personal life: his determination and unfailing work-ethic helped him to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, an honor he took great pride in. Eric’s basic decency and enduring kindness created a lasting impact on the people who were drawn to him during his short lifetime. This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior member of the wrestling team who has exhibited Eric’s qualities of dedication, determination, humor, honesty, and integrity.

Class of 2021 Recipient Xavion Biesterveld


Scott Christenson Class of 1996

Wade France Class of 1997

Nathan Zinn Class of 1998

Kevin Christenson Class of 1999

Timothy O. Lium Class of 2000

Blake Metz Class of 2002

Brandon Miller Class of 2004

Nathaniel P. Sheehan Class of 2006

Xiong Chang Class of 2007

Joel Carlsen Class of 2009

Marcus Liddell Class of 2010

Deion Sonsalla Class of 2013

Cody Stolt Class of 2015

Tyler Mallett Class of 2016

Jack Carruth Class of 2017

Mason Phillips Class of 2018

Carter Duerkop 2019

Ethan Johnson 2020

Xavion Biesterveld 2021

Carson Duerkop 2022